Dr. Edward Summers

Educator, Scholar, Professor, Motivational Speaker, Political Scientist, and Community Advocate.

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Edward is one of the youngest executives in higher education and a prominent voice on issues such as access to higher education, cost, affordability, management of higher education, developing sound community and government relations programs, and institutional effectiveness and management. He also conducts research on politics, community and economic development, housing policy, and political processes and democracy. Edward received a BA in Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration from Marist College. He successfully defended his doctoral

  • Previous Talks/Presentations

    “Technology in the President's Office.” National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education 26th Annual National Conference. March 2013.
    “Students and the 21st Century: Changes and the need to Provide More” with Adriel Hilton. National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education 25th Annual National Conference. March 2012.

    “The Shifting Politics of Economic Development in the cities of Beacon and Poughkeepsie: Revisiting Regime Theory.” Northeast Political Science Association Annual Conference. October 2011.

    “The Economic Impact of the Arts and Culture in the Hudson Valley.” Art, Culture, and Media in our Communities panel discussion at the Cuneen Hacket Culture Center. April 2011.

    “The Changing Politics of Economic Development in Beacon and Poughkeepsie, New York: Revisiting Regime Theory.” Mid-West Political Science Association Annual National Conference. March 2011.

    “Promoting Campus Inclusion as a Presidential Assistant” with Adriel Hilton. National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education 24th Annual Conference. Washington, D.C. March 2011.

    “Presidential Assistants: Fostering Change You Can Believe In” with Elisabeth Tavarez. National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education 24th Annual Conference. Washington D.C. March 2011.

    “The Power of Service.” The Dutchess Outreach, Inc. Fourth Annual Brunch. Poughkeepsie, New York, September 2010.

    “Leadership in the 21st Century: What Young Leaders Need to Know to be Successful in the Global Society.” 2010 Rotary Youth Leadership Conference at Mount St. Mary’s College, Newburgh, New York, June 2010.

    “Local Economic Development in the Hudson Valley.” Southern Dutchess Chamber of Commerce and Middle Main Street Revitalization Committees on Revitalizing Main Street, Poughkeepsie, New York, Spring 2010.

    “Regimes and Urban Politics.” The New School Master’s class on The Political Economy of the City, New York, New York, Fall 2009.

    “South Africa and the Global Community: Lessons Learned from Four Years of Traveling to South Africa.” Center for Multicultural Affairs-Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York, Fall 2009.

    Moderator, Panel Discussion. Economic Development in the State of New York. New York Governor’s College, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York July 2009.

    “Chimps, Mutts, and Cowards: The Politics of Race in Obama's America” with Ivan B. Turnipseed. 21st Annual Black Graduate Student Conference "Engaged, Empowered, Expect It". National Black Graduate Student Association, Houston, Texas, March 2009.

    Moderator, Panel Discussion, The Politics and Policies of President-Elect Obama and the Black Community, The Northeast Regional Conference of the National Black Graduate Student Association (NBGSA). Bloomsburg University: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, November 2008.

    “Urban Issues and Minorities in Higher Education.” 2008 Frederick Douglas Institute for Academic Excellence Conference on Globalization, Ethnicity, and the Quest for Ancestral Heritage.” Bloomsburg University: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Spring 2008.

    “Diversity, Culture Shock and the Rules of Football” with Elisabeth Tavarez. 2008 Emerging Leaders Workshop. Marist College: Poughkeepsie, New York Fall 2007.

    “Urban Issues and the Role of Education in Economic Prosperity.” Wadleigh Secondary School Annual College Awareness Day. Wadleigh Secondary School: New York, New York. Fall 2007.

    “Open Source Solutions in the Public Sector: The Case ofSakai” with James Melitski. 2006 Teaching of Public Administration (ASPA) Olympia, Washington, Spring 2006.

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