Early L. Jackson

Recognized as a Social Activist of Empowerment and Curator of Inspiration who brings balance, skill and relevance to people and organizations around the country.

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Early Jackson, profoundly recognized as a Social Activist, has been laboring to bring balance, skill, relevance and understanding to people of all nationalities. After effectively overcoming a stretch of drug addictions, Early has highly developed himself to become a successful life coach. As a result Early has had the opportunity to speak at such prestigious institutions as Rider University, The University of Phoenix, Jefferson Hospital, The Philadelphia Board of Education, The University of Pennsylvania and even on Carnival Cruiseline. Earl

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Early Jackson, You were a hit at the University of Phoenix Alumni professional development class! Thank YOU for the enthusiasm and knowledge that you brought to the event!- Dr. Erin Rogers, Student Chair, University of Phoenix (Philadelphia Campus)

Early Jackson is the real deal. What a speaker, encourager, preacher, a man with something to say that is of great value to many! Keep up the great work Early, hope doors continue to open for you!!!!

- Bob Reid, Realtor, Va. Beach, Va.

  • Possible Topics

    • Groomed For Greatness
    • "Brand" You!
    • Overcoming Fears & Influencing People
    • Leader-Shift
    • How To Overcome Problems
    • Strategic Leadership
    • Vision Is Bulletproof
    • The Audacity of Hope
    • Affirmations For Next Level Living
    • A Better Self From The Inside Out
    • Turning Your Staff Into Gladiators
    • Tapping The Leadership Skills of Your Team

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