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Advertising Executive • Best Selling Author • Voice of Millennial Generation

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Detavio is one of the advertising industry’s youngest executives and has helped some of the world's biggest companies (including Walmart, Chrysler LLC, NBA and Johnson & Johnson) build their brands and connect to consumers.Currently Detavio operates as the President of GlobalHue-Detroit, the nation's leading multicultural advertising agency, where he leads teams to develop crossover strategies and ideas that tap into the influence of the fast-growing multicultural market.In addition to his job as a marketing leader, Detavio is the founder of Exist No More, a perso

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AIG: Detavio has discovered that the only way to be successful at building a powerful brand for a client or for an employer is to be successful at building a powerful brand for yourself. Detavio’s brand is built on truth, integrity, hard work, commitment and respect for himself and others. And each facet of his brand was evident during his facilitation of the BE the CEO if You, Inc. discussion. His positive energy and love for people quickly filled the atmosphere, preparing the way for comfortable, candid dialogue. Detavio kept the audience and panelist engaged. His words were sincere; his guidance digestible and practical and he was transparent in his experience. Detavio was [and still is] the consummate expression of a powerful personal brand and his presence was an awesome, positive impact on the success of the event!

KIPP SCHOOLS: (Detavio) was like a breath of fresh air. An excellent presenter, poised, and presented on a topic that we don’t often think about. I’d invite him back again.

CAMPBELL’S SOUP: We left (Detavio’s) event both stunned and inspired. He left us with more than we’d asked for and greatly exceeded our expectations.

During this session, he challenged us to reframe our thought process as it relates to consumer communications.

It was truly a paradigm shift for the organization because prior to his arrival Campbell deployed a truly mainstream communications strategy as opposed to total market strategy.

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