Denzel Burnside

Denzel Burnside

It is his belief that he’ll effectively take all of the experiences and knowledge, and divine anointing to change the world, one conversation at a time.

  • Denzel D. Burnside III          

    Denzel is a multi-faceted and multi-talented individual. He is a spoken word artist, writer, business and media consultant, aspiring filmmaker, and community activist. He is the founder of Burnside Administration/DB3 Media, which is a media and film management, brand management, and consulting and business development company he has started to manage his various projects such as and

    Denzel was born and raised in Miami-Dade, Florida to parents who both worked for the county as corrections officers. During his formative years, he played optimist football; his father served as coach through the majority of his tenure. Although he played football, he gravitated towards writing and the arts. Throughout grade school, he wrote and directed the Black History play. His passion in these areas caused a strain on his relationship with his father who believed athletics heavily as a means of success. He was a member of the Medical Academy at Coral Reef Senior High School, (also known as “Miami’s Mega Magnet), rated one of the best schools by publications like U.S. News. It wasn’t until his junior year that Denzel stopped pursing athletics to pursue his interest in writing. One of his first ventures in this area was becoming the Sports Editor of the school paper.

    He graduated from Coral Reef in 2001 and attended Florida A & M University where he pursued a degree in Broadcast Journalism. In addition, he worked on an upcoming pilot called, “Off 7th and Garvey.” Both his studies and the pilot project afforded him the opportunity to hone his writing and acting skills.

    For personal reasons, Denzel returned to Miami in 2003. He began work in the corporate world by accepting a position with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. During his tenure, he held several important positions, including Reservations Agent to a Supervisor and Inside Sales Manager for the West Coast territory – quite the accomplishment at the age of 23. As an Inside Sales Manager, he learned how to effectively manage and develop marketing/sales plans for over 320 travel agencies producing territory revenue of over $35 million annually. He created marketing plans, business plans, co-op marketing materials, and traveled to the West Coast at least three times a quarter to meet with travel partners.

    Simultaneously, he continued his collegiate studies at Florida International University. While employed with RCCL, Denzel had the pleasure of hosting ship tours for Essence Magazine, ship launch parties for Spike Lee and friends, and traveled to several islands in the Caribbean and Spain.

    During the final year of employment with the Miami-based cruise line, his rededicated himself to his craft. He attended the American Black Film Festival on Miami Beach where he took the Actors Boot camp class with the legendary Bill Duke. While there, he participated in the Nickelodeon Pitch Contest. Denzel was the first of over 200 to submit a pitch AND receive payment on the spot for his premise for the cartoon Danny Phantom. He instantly gained the respect of Nickelodeon executives who asked him to submit ideas for other shows for several months and mentored him for their writing fellowship program.

    After his employment ended at RCCL, he took the business acumen he developed to pursue his business endeavors. Additionally, he changed his major from Business to Liberal Studies with focus on Religion and Politics. His minor is in Business. Thereafter he launched DB3 Media and its corresponding internet network, The premise of these entities are create low budget web-shows, stage plays, and films with college students interested in acting, writing, and directing. He trained novice actors and film crew on how to work collectively on a short film called, “72 hours.” The film took three days to shoot, and premiered at FIU to more than 1,200 students; admission was $10 per person. Later on, several students requested him to help moderate and host forums, pulling the collective African Diasporas together and to leading to the creation of the Black Student Union – a club that only garnered a $150 budget. He also presented the idea to school officials and the Student Government Association, making it a stand-alone council. It now has a budget of $45,000. He learned a lot about the nature and differences of Black Americans in comparison to Black Islanders from the Caribbean, specifically how they identify themselves through the process.

    Denzel also became a founding member of Johnny L. King lodge #767, Prince Hall Affiliated Freemasonry. He was subsequently elected as The Most Worshipful Master or Head of his lodge. Through the lodge, he held prayer breakfasts to honor several community leaders as well as a Black Men of South Miami-Dade forum at Second Baptist Church to discuss the rampant gun violence-taking place in the community. NBC 6 Miami profiled this event, and interviewed him about his views.

    He has also hosted spoken word events at FIU and University of Miami for feature poets such as HBO Def Poet Amir Sulaimin, Def Poet Bridget Gray, his mentor and friend Def Poet Will “Da Real One” Bell and others. He is also a board member of the Black Film and Media Group created in Miami to help black filmmakers receive assistance with their projects.

    Currently, Denzel is working to re-launch his Internet TV network and portfolio website He’s also preparing a series of conversation parties across the Miami area, which, will be streamed live through These forums will discuss important issues facing the Black community. His goal with this forum is to educate, empower, and evoke a call to action through conversation and understanding. It is his belief that he’ll effectively take all of the experiences and knowledge, and divine anointing to change the world, one conversation at a time.

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