Dawud Anyabwile

Emmy Award Wining artist, illustrator and co-creator of the groundbreaking Comic Book Series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline.

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He and his brother Guy A. Sims, the writer and co-creator of Brotherman Comics, are pioneers of the contemporary Independent Black Comic Book movement. Selling over 750,000 copies in the early 1990's without a major distributor and have currently released Book One of a three part graphic novel series entitled "Brotherman: Revelation". Dawud Anyabwile has shared his artistic talent with major companies such as Cartoon Network, Tur

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Dawud is a custodian of our true culture and heritage. A giant amongst us. He and his team have been providing the people with powerful Afrikan cosmology in the form of allegorical sequential art for over 25 years!!!!! Now it is time to reciprocate it so that we have our own mythos in mainstream media. I support brotherman: revelation 100,000%. I implore you all to assist in making this reality because our future (our seeds) will benefit from this the most. An artistic historical foundation that delves deep into the psychosis of the human experience. I love you brother, keep being a shining example!- Kamani “KT The Arch Degree” Tait

Rikers Island: I introduced the youth to the work of Dawud Anyabwile. These incarcerated young people could not believe there was comic book /graphic novel dealing with many of the same issues they are currently facing. With the aid of the comic I was able to show the young.....the concepts such as government created poverty cycles.... gang violence. Self discovery. Self awareness. Family values. Manhood and many more.... even the C.O’s were surprised by the class topic.

- Fred Beasley II

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    Dawud Anyabwile 's Brotherman Comics is the feature story in the June 2016 issue of the Dallas Weekly.
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    “With brand new Brotherman graphic novel hitting the stores last month, we are thrilled the character co-creators Dawud Anyabwile and Guy Sims agreed to speak with us about past, present and future of the comic and their family business Big City Entertainment.”
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    “Mt. Airy comic book ‘superstars’ create no superpowers”
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    Dawud Anyabwile: Diversity in Art by Ananya Vahal
    The SCAD Connector
    (Savannah College Of Art and Design)

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  • Cultural significance of Black characterizations in the mainstream: Brotherman in a world of supermen

    This presentation outlines the history of our journey as a family to create the critically acclaimed Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comics series without the backing of the mainstream comic industry. I share how Brotherman Comics inspired a generation of artists, advocates literacy, motivate readers of all ages to heal their communities by building self determination through the arts.

  • Imagining New Realities through the Arts and Entertainment

    As a people, we can change our reality with the thoughts that we project. the images, stories and sounds that we project shape the way the next generation thinks and what they believe is possible. Let us imagine a new reality and plan decades into the future starting with the thoughts that we advance in today's moment.

  • Know thyself, heal thyself, love thyself

    As we navigate through a society that promotes unhealthy habits we must understand that in order to rebuild ourselves as a people we must take control of our physical and mental health and not simply focus on our financial careers.

  • Behind the covers: Comics and Entrepreneurism

    The importance of controlling images as a way to impact culture utilizing the medium of comics and sequential art.

  • Drawing From The Soul

    Finding your own creative voice and branding yourself amidst the chaos of media domination.

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