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    Dr. David is a relationship coach to married couples and singles in the dating game. He conducts seminars, marriage enrichment classes, and does keynote speaking for churches, civic groups, and leadership development organizations. Dr. Stephens is a dynamic speaker with a unique combination of street smarts and biblical wisdom. He has expanded his intuitive knowledge about love and marriage through academic training, continuous self-study, years of counseling, and over 23 years of marriage.

    Dr. Stephens’s ideas about relationships are applicable to couples who desire marriage success; singles who desire romantic, compatible companionship; and men who have a desire to become responsible husbands, fathers, and church leaders.

    Dr. Stephens does a masterful job connecting with his audience through humorous illustrations that remind people of real-life situations. Once he connects with his audience, he inspires them to change self-defeating habits or challenges them to dissolve toxic relationships that could threaten their spiritual, mental, or financial well-being.

    Couples who hear Dr. Stephens will learn secrets to marriage success and keys to a lifetime of love. Singles who want to get married will learn how to avoid dating game pitfalls that could wreck their lives and leave them home alone. Don’t miss this opportunity to book this engaging speaker. You will never forget his thought-provoking message.


    Marriage Success Seminars

    Dr. David Stephens launched Marriage Success Seminars in 1994. The primary focus of MSS is building strong marriage and family relationships through seminars, enrichment classes, family conferences and marriage retreats.

    Motivational Speaker
    As a motivational speaker, Dr. Stephens has traveled to high schools, colleges, and churches to share words of inspiration to motivate young people to pursue a life of academic success, community service, entrepreneurship, and corporate leadership.

    Domestic Violence Mediator
    Dr. David Stephens has served as a court appointed domestic violence mediator. He coached victims and perpetrators to help resolve conflicts and dissolve toxic relationships that threatened the well-being of victims.

    Church Pastor
    Dr. David Stephens served as pastor of a local church for over 10 years. Under his leadership, the church epitomized the spirit of excellence in community service, youth development, creative outreach, and discipleship training.

    Radio & Television
    Dr. Stephens has produced and hosted his own radio and television programs. “Marriage Success Moments” was a daily radio program produced by Dr. Stephens to highlight marriage success principles. “Marriage Success Radio” was a weekly radio program produced by Dr. Stephens to inspire married couples and singles in the dating game. Dr. Stephens also produced a weekly television program that was aired on TBN. Dr. Stephens used this program to help couples overcome difficult marriage problems that frequently lead to divorce.

    Books & Articles - Dr. Stephens has written numerous articles to address hardcore family life issues. These articles have been read in newspapers across the United States. Dr. Stephens also writes a blog that can be read at marriagesuccess.org. In addition, he has authored several books.
    The following books by Dr. Stephens are available at Amazon.com:
    Secrets to Marriage Success
    Dating Game Pitfalls
    Manhood Challenge
    Ask the Marriage Counselor
    Master Keys to Marriage Success
    Overcoming Pitfalls to Marriage Success

    Audio Products - Dr. Stephens has produced dozens of audio tapes /compact discs to promote healthy, marriage and family relationships. Popular topics include; conflict resolution, positive communications, dating game pitfalls, and manhood mentoring.

    Education - Dr. Stephens has earned a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Dr. Stephens is also a Certified Christian Marriage & Family Therapist.

    Personal - Dr. Stephens and his wife, Angela, have been happily married since 1988. They have two children, Victoria and David Jr.


    • Love & Marriage
    • Manhood Mentoring
    • Leadership Development
    • Motivation & Goal-Setting

  • Dr. Stephens teaches Biblical principles needed to have and enjoy a healthy happy marriage. We are privileged to have Dr.Stephens with us at this time while he is on the west coast.
    --- Pastor Doyle Hart, Academy Cathedral Church, Inglewood California

    Rev. David Stephens is exciting and dynamic. His presentation is innovative. He has content and detail that will transform your marriage and your life! We highly recommend Pastor David as a motivated speaker and minister of the gospel.
    --- Rev. Terrence K. Hayes, Senior Pastor, St. Paul United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas

    Pastor Stephens wisdom concerning marriage is at a high and yet practical level. His unique ability to communicate truth makes everyone feel a part.
    --- Dr. John Fain, First Baptist Church, Selma, Alabama

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