David Sawyer

David Sawyer

Changing The Future: It is time to use what's left to do what's right.

  • David Howard Sawyer is an artist-activist based in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States. As a lecturer, writer, community and event organizer, and as a performing artist, Mr. Sawyer has traveled throughout the United States advancing the cause of social harmony through cultural understanding. His lecture/concerts are motivational tools by which a deeper consideration for the context of social change can be obtained. Sawyer has addressed college campuses, union halls, conferences, classrooms, museums and festivals, as well as radio and television appearances. His stand up commentary program, Sawyer At Large, fuses humour and cogent analysis on the issues of our times, representing a perspective on worldwide events, including their impact on our community.

    An accomplished folk artist in many genres, Sawyer plays guitar and sings traditional and original songs, with a special emphasis on the role that music plays in historic movements for social change. As a master of ceremonies he has hosted many cultural and social events in his career. He is currently working on a book, MODERN SENSE, and, as his musical act Jasaga, a stage production, "Blue Street Serenade." 

  • Campaign Finance Reform 
    The Underutilization of the Ninth Amendment
    Black History Month/Black Destiny
    Social Commentary/Current Events
    Body Literacy and the Future of Wellness
    Collective Karma
    Black History
    Arts and Entertainment
    Politics and Citizenry

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