Dr. Darlene Allen Nichols

Professional executive level speaker with an ebullient ability to empower and inspire women, youth, educators and professionals.

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Ever since she was a little girl, Dr. Darlene has been mesmerizing audiences from all walks of life with her charisma, charm and amazing wit! From writing, to producing, directing and starring in stage plays in her teen years, to singing in her local church and speaking to audiences from all over the country, she has served as a prolific voice of influence, structure and change. Dr. Darlene has a passion for igniting the fire of those who she comes in contact with. Her ingenuity, candor and intelligence not only propels others to a higher lev

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Dr. Darlene is excellent communicator and very disciplined. As both an individual contributor and manager she worked hard to build processes that were very beneficial to me and other business partners. I admire her grace under pressure and also tenacity. Darlene can always be counted on to operate with high integrity.Raheela Anwar, Investment Executive

Dr. Darlene manifests what I think of as the three R’s; she is resourceful, resilient, and reflective... a very powerful combination in today’s work and social world. She has great capacity to continue learning as a way of life.

Dr. Morry Fiddler, Insight Medical Genetics, LLC...President

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