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Full Circle Consultant specializing in relationships, family, youth, organizational psychology, and motivational/behavioral changes targeting overall mental wellness.

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Darcel is a professional journalist, author, executive coach and motivational speaker. She is a founding member and co-president of Full Circle Health, PLLC and Executive Director of the not for profit, Full Circle Life Enrichment Center. As co president of FullCircle, Darcel oversees new project acquisitions; and develops community programs and partnerships.Before joining Full Circle, Darcel spent over 15 years in national news production and public relations that led to her oversight responsibilities at the 1997 Olympic Torch Relay. She has spent a lifetime educating mill

Books and Products
Darcel is one of the most powerful speakers on the topic of stress and burnout and helped our agency look at self care in a completely different way!- Inwood House (NYC)
When it comes to women issues and moving our lives forward, Darcel has always been there to give my agency the right push.
- PHIPPS, HeadStart Program (Bronx, NY)

  • Our team empowers people to move forward in every important aspect of their lives.


    Titles Such As:
    From Home Mess to Job Stress: Learning How to Deal with the Burnout in Your Life
    How to Get Over Bad Relationships
    From Fear to Faith: Believing in Myself
    What About Eve and What about Me: A Look at a Woman's Role in Today's World

    Titles Such As:
    Two Women, Two Stories: How Domestic Violence Changed Their Lives
    Understanding Domestic Violence
    Why Me? A Look at Domestic Violence and Prevention
    How Domestic Violence Affects Our Children

    Titles Such As:
    Overcoming Traumatic Life Experiences
    How to Work with Trauma Victims
    A Look at Trauma and Our Youth
    Living with Trauma and Child Abuse

    Titles Such As:
    How to Become a Better Leader at Home and at Work
    From Home Mess to Job Stress: Learning How to Deal with the Burnout in Your Life
    How to Motivate Your Employees and Yourself
    When Multitasking Burns You Out: Stress in the Workplace

    Titles Such As:
    Self Empowerment and Your Creative Energy
    Coping with Being Stuck: How to Move Your Life Forward
    Beyond Community Activism: Becoming an Advocate for Yourself
    Dreaming Out loud: What do You Really Want to be When You Grow Up?

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