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Growing up in the Bronx, NY, D. Sinclair faced many of the problems that most African American young males face today in the inner cities. At the age of 15, D. Sinclair was incarcerated in a youth detention center for armed robbery, aggravated assault, and gun possession. He became a product of the negative influences around him, giving 12 years of his life to numerous correctional facilities throughout New York and New Jersey, for crimes ranging from armed robbery to first-degree drug distributio

D. Sinclair has continued to exceed expectations of the power of change. His commitment to express this through words and actions has been extremely motivational.- T. Wheeler, Procurement Analyst Wakefern Food Corporation

D. Sinclair is an inspiration to me. Not only in words, but his movement and passion for his people, justice, awareness and growth. He challenges me with his intellect of many subjects, but he never neglects the object of his core project...love. Love for one’s self, one’s life, and one’s community. He’s not just a speaker nor teacher, but an experienced leader who is always learning lessons to share, to empower, elevate and educate.

- A. Drew, I AM Consulting LLC

    • Breaking the Addiction of Drug Dealing
    • The Anatomy of the Gang Culture
    • Steps to Moving From a Worker to an Entrepreneur
    • The ABC'S of Generational Economics
    • Community Building
    • Pursuing Your Passion, and Purpose

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