Dahn Elle Dior Ballard

My Passion is to Empower Moms who might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed to live a whole and Balanced Life. It is possible!

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Dahn is a gifted Actress, Writer and Certified Life Coach. Through her Life Coaching, Workshops and Retreats Dahn passionately spreads her message of a ‘Balanced Mom Life” and how it is indeed possible. Dahn believes that the time spent raising our children is so precious not just to their lives but ours as well. We basically spend our “youth” raising our babies. If we don’t find a way to create a balance. They will be off to college and we will be sitting there 18 years older wondering “what just happened?”As an actress you most re

I just want to be in Dahn’s presence all the time, soaking up her amazing energy and guiding words, and now I get to do it in style....”She helped me to work with my time better, stay more connected to something higher, be more rooted to my foundations. She’s absolutely, positively wonderful and one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.”- Actress Sabrina Lloyd 2011 Spirit Award Nominee
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