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Your Business Success Coach, Time Management and Peak Performance Guru • Co-Author of 'Success on God’s Terms: How to THINK, SPEAK and PERFORM to SEE the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth'

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Thomas is an eminent speaker, trainer and business success coach. He provides success strategies coaching and learning management consulting services to solve training delivery, knowledge transfer and information exchange problems for business owners, member associations, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and public sector clients. As a professional success coach, C. Thomas Gambrell addresses audiences throughout the nation training and inspiring people to become peak performers. Mr. Gambrell’s success emanates from a true passion for helping individuals an

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My top leaders and I were delighted at the opportunity to work with C. Thomas Gambrell, in a series of eight group coaching sessions over two months. With savvy and passion he shared leadership and productivity principles that are catalyzing our business unit into momentum. While working with C. Thomas, our sales for the first and second month of the new year were DOUBLE compared to these same months last year, and our sales between coaching month 1 and coaching month 2, increased by $50,000. He knows his stuff, he uses real-world examples, and he knows how to break it down and make it plain in a way that you are empowered produce quantum-leap results.- D. GANDY, Washington
If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, then look no further than C. Thomas Gambrell. The wisdom and knowledge he has shared with me as my Success Coach has not only transformed my business, it has had a major impact on my personal life.
His holistic approach to business development has enabled me to strengthen my total being. I am better spiritually, mentally, physically and financially, as a result of his training and coaching sessions.
- G. ROGERS, Florida
Having C. Thomas as a Success Coach has been life changing. He has helped me to put my ideas into action and now my vision is clear. Before engaging him as my coach, my business was running on a level that was marginal to say the least.
As we began to work together on my goals, I began to see an immediate spike in the growth of my teams volume and as a result a growth in income. One thing I realized is that trends can be broken, especially when you have a powerful coach to guide you along the way. My language has changed, my team has changed and its all for the better.
Before taking the C. Thomas Gambrell Coaching Program, I was lacking in some areas skills, achievement and motivation. I knew with the first coaching session this was exactly what I needed. There were many things I learned that were new for me in this business.
Today, I have gone to a new dimension of business growth and personal development. I also see production increase in my organization which is resulting in new distributorships and income. I can honestly say that the principles and skills he has taught me have been life-changing and life-giving, personally and professionally.
I am more cognizant of my thoughts and focusing on the positive outcomes despite situations or circumstances. My vision and purpose has expanded to a level where I can now see things happen and materialized into results quicker. The principles learned have really help me to take my business, personal and spiritual development to the next level of seeing results and success.
Without a doubt anyone who is serious about wanting to grow personally and succeed in business or in life is encouraged to take C. Thomas Gambrell coaching. What C. Thomas imparts is transferable into any area of life. This was the best investment that I have ever given to myself… Remarkable, Incredible and Timely!!!
- A. MAC, -HOLLEY, New York
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