Cleo Manago

Socio-political analyst, behavioral health specialist & multi-mediator, specializing in Black behavioral/self-conceptual solutions.

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Cleo has been in the trenches for social reform for well over two decades. A socio-political analyst, behavioral health specialist, activist, writer, film-maker and popular spokesperson on the most controversial issues facing Americans today, Manago is a prominent figure in the African American community and beyond. He is courageously at the forefront when it comes to combating society’s most pressing issues.His distinctively inventive programs have stimulated the national discourse on Black community sexual, mental, spiritual and cultural health, most notably for app

  • "Critical Thinking & Cultural Affirmation" - A Key Strategy to [Black] Problem-Solving and Constructive Behavior

    “Racism, Self-Conceptual Conflict, and Related Barriers to Black Preventive Health Praxis.”

    Black Manhood and Masculinity - Desperate to be Seen as A Man

    Unpacking and Resolving Black Internalized Oppression - A Remedy for Empowerment

    [Black} Intra-Community Cultural Competence - Introducing Diverse Black Folks to Each Other

    Loving Relationships Between Black People

    Racism Ain't The [Main] Problem No More

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