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2015 EMPOWER MAGAZINE PERSON OF THE YEAR - It’s Better To Be Prepared For An Opportunity Than To Have An Opportunity And Not Be Prepared!

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“Don’t Do Something Permanently Stupid Because You Are Temporarily Upset”Chris Jones’ story enthralls, inspires, engages, captivates, and blesses the hearts of his many listeners. Whether addressing a room full of disadvantaged youths or adults, Chris’ personal life and professional successes have universal appeal.Born to teenage parents, Chris was raised by his mother in Washington, D.C. Chris never allowed himself to become a victim or statistics because of his humble beginnings or circumstances. The oldest of

Books and Products
  • Drive To Survive

    This much needed workshop is what American Youth desperately needs TODAY!
    Chris Jones explains in depth what is really going on with today’s POLICE OFFICERS, and why it is a MATTER of LIFE or DEATH to follow their direction.

    This workshop is appropriate for EVERY STUDENT you know.

    The major points covered in this session include:
    1. What the Officer is thinking
    2. Why innocent people go to jail
    3. How NOT to get killed over a traffic ticket

    2 Hours
    (Ideal for All Students)

  • Build Your Own Dream Team

    In this dynamic keynote address, Chris motivated teens with his three principles for creating a successful future:

    What STUDENTS will learn:
    1. To focus on your dreams, not their obstacles
    2. Commit to pursuing their dreams
    3. That everyone needs help with their goals

    Inspirational Keynote: 60 or 90 minutes
    Most Popular Keynote Presentation

  • 10 Ways Teenagers Mess Up Their Options

    In this powerful and hard hitting program, Chris Jones gets right to the point about the reasons we find one-third of high school teens dropping out of school.

    Every 9 seconds a child drops out – This equates to 1 Million every Year. “Many Start, Few Finish” Sixty percent will remain jobless! He illustrates his points with many real life stories of teens that have made wrong choices.

    This workshop is appropriate for EVERY STUDENT you know.

    The major points covered in this session include:
    a. The importance of making correct choices
    b. How to stay in school
    c. How to move toward greatness
    d. You don’t know what you don’t know

    90 Minutes
    (Ideal for All Students)

  • Other Workshops:

    • Win-Win
    • Teen Building Workshop
    • Parent Workshop
    • Teachers Personal Development
    • A 'C' Is Not Me
    • Destined for Greatness
    • Anti-Bullying Workshop
    • Leadership Skills Training
    • Personal Development Training
    • College Prep Training
    • Social & Life Skills Training
    • Athletic Skills Training Program


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