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Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most sought after speakers at colleges, universities and educational conferences. He has been called "an educational revolutionary" and is recognized as a leading authority on culturally relevant educational materials and instructional approaches. He has lectured and given keynote addresses at a number of colleges, universities and educational conferences around the country including Southern University, Minnesota State University, Tuskegee University, Ohio University Howard University, Georgia State University an

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Chike Akua’s commitment, scholarship, style, delivery, and command of Ancient and contemporary Black history had the audience spell-bound. His presentation is a must for every campus! Dr. Muhjah Shakir, Bioethics Scholar, Tuskegee University

Chike Akua enlightens and develops within students a strong sense of pride with his exceptional insights about ancient Africa and contemporary cultural connections. He does all of this in a very warm and interactive way. You must have Chike Akua come to your college campus to present!
… insightful, provocative and enlightening. Chike Akua’s outstanding scholarship produces a life-transforming experience for students and all in attendance.

Dr. Kevin Washington, Africana Studies Department, San Francisco State University

  • His most frequently requested presentations include:

    Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations
    Do African American youth and adults have an obligations to live up to the greatness and glory of their Ancestors? If so, what are the barriers and roadblocks to meeting these obligation and how they be overcome?

    What Does It Mean To Be Black?
    The defamation of African American images through skillful media manipulation, miseducation and cultural identity theft requires a radical redefinition of Blackness. This presentation is a compelling look at the original ancient concepts of Blackness which began in Africa tens of thousands of years ago.

    African Sacred Science: Black Contributions to STEM
    An eye-opening look at ancient African applications of the scientific method; engineering and architectural marvels; ancient mathematical and medical texts on anatomy and physiology, surgery, medicine and healing methods, etc.

    Relationship Revolution: The Keys to Making Love Last
    With domestic violence and out or wedlock births at epidemic proportions, over 70% of Black households run by single parents and over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, there is a clear need for wise counsel when it comes to relationships--and Chike Akua delivers with practical, insightful and engaging guidelines for dating on and off campus.

    Majesty of the Moors: African Influence in Early Europe
    Most people are unaware that it was the Moors, Africans from west and north Africa, who brought Europe out of the Dark Ages through their science and technology. The riveting, interactive, visual presentation gives primary source evidenc-based research to demonstrate Africa's gift to western civilization.

    Wonders of West Africa
    The ultimate and essential examination of the contributions and accomplishments of the West African Empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhoy. This is an indispensable resource that is both instructive and inspiring.

    Great Black Busines.s Leaders and Their Secrets to Success
    A transformative journey through the history of Black business in America which highlights Black business leaders who made their money empowering their people and who use(d) their money to empower their people. This presentation is a must for those who believe that we must create our own economic stimulus.

    SuccessQuest!: Achieving Against the Odds
    Powerful lessons from powerful people--how trhey overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve extraordinary success. This presenation is a must for understanding the inner aspects of achievement.

    African Origins of Our Faith
    A study of the original ancient African ideas and texts which explained transcendent phenomena, belief in One Creator, the power of the Creator in Woman and Man, and how these concepts were incorporated into the world's religions.

    The Miracle of the Maafa: Understand African Enslavement & Empowerment
    A deeply insightful presenation about the specific strategies used to exploit and enslave African people, how those tactics are still being used, and how African people can tap into their original cultural ways power.

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