Chaz Shepherd

Chaz Shepherd

Singer, Writer, Producer, Composer, Actor, Speaker, Activist and Host.

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    Chaz is the 20th Century Self-Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, dedicated to helping you become Better. From singing your soul happy and invoking a better you to hosting the Apollo theater, Chaz reaches for you one way or another.

    Chaz Shepherd was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he still lives. The son of the great Cheryl Shepherd and Ronald Shepherd, Chaz inherited creative talent and Charisma that pleasantly touches the hearts of those who experience him. He grew up in the christian church community among various denominations and is well balanced in connecting church agenda with a divine calling that positions him in non-religious communities as well.

    Chaz loves everybody and suggests that God is manifested in everyone. His primary contribution to the world is "Life in Love and Happiness". Chaz is an effective speaker having spoken on panels about the entertainment industry as he is a recognized face/performer from TV and film, as well as TV programs on-which he's spoken on religion and perseverance. He's even been that inspired word at the graduation. Part of Mr. Shepherd's gifting is in clear communication and offering life enhancing ideology that also inspires us to be better and maintain the best.

    Chaz Shepherd is well known and recognized for his extensive body of work as an actor in “The Temptations” movie, “Set it Off”, “7th Heaven”, “The Parkers”, “Sister Sister”, “The Game” and much more. His familiarity allows him a platform to offer his soul in hopes to reach and compel the souls of others to be enriched, as he continues to grow.

    This Singer/Writer/Producer/Composer's work has been very instrumental in the grammy nomination of West Angeles Church's “No Limit” Album, on-which Chaz wrote the title song, “No Limit” and composed and performed the lead vocal of the gospel hit, “Lord Prepare Me”. Chaz's debut R&B/Soul record “Love & Truth” of which was released on Chaz Records was on Itunes's top 10 independent Albums of 2010.

    He performs memorable shows throughout the country promoting the Album and spreading his message of Love & Truth, as well as being featured in the Gospel world among its best. It only adds to accomplishment that Chaz is the 1992 “Starch Search” champion which is a benchmark in his career.

    Since the death of his mother on January 17th, 2012 Chaz has had one thing left to live for: “Purpose”. Ms. Shepherd instilled in Chaz purpose and vision that is part of her legacy and the foundation of his life. The rest of his life is his mission to be his best possibility and invoke the same among us all.

    Chaz is also an Activist, an advocate for Unity and Anti-Violence especially among our youth. He is passionate about empowering young men to know they can make better choices. Other speaking platforms include Relationships, both platonic and non platonic, Love &Happiness.

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