Chaun Vaughn

Chaun speaks to and trains leaders who are ready to move from the traditional leadership style to becoming a leader people truly want to follow. A Heart Forward Leader promoter.

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Chaun Vaughn values #HeartForward leadership. She feels that too many leaders today are stuck in that traditional leadership model, which hasproven to be unproductive and ineffective. This is why she spends her days promoting a heart forward leadership style.Chaun is a graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and received her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Nutrition-Dietetics. She has been in leadership for over 15 years within the nutrition industry which has led to her love and passion for leadership training & sp

Books and Products
  • The Compelling Leader

    Compelling means to have a powerful or irresistible effect and influence. Wouldn't you LOVE to be seen as a compelling leader? As a leader, knowing who you are, your core values, helps you to understand why you lead the way you lead. But, in order to truly be a compelling leader, you must understand your team so that you can implement the best leadership style for each team member, even if that style is in direct conflict with your personality trait. This course will cover: The four temperaments (personality traits) and quiz to determine your dominant temperament The four leadership styles and which team member each style is suitable for.

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