Charell Star

Charell Star

Unconventional Entrepreneur • Driven PR & Events Planning Professional • Dynamic Motivational Speaker

  • Charell Star         

    In 2012, Charell Star launched PA For A Day, a revolutionary service that provides affordable and quality personal assistants (PAs) and candidate searches to busy companies and over-committed professionals. Now available in three markets (New York City, Jersey City/Hoboken, NJ and Washington, DC), the ever-expanding service is redefining how people use on-demand help in their personal and professional lives.

    A public relations, events & social media specialist, Star has spent more than a decade helping brands get their message heard and products sold. As founder and moderator of Startup 2 Success NYC, one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial groups, Star leverages her expertise to help others navigate the challenging world of startup life.

    When she is not running her company, starring in reality shows, or consulting, this native New Yorker is speaking to colleges & professional organizations on entrepreneurship, marketing and the importance of leadership and motivation.

    Star is also an avid blogger and volunteers for Young Executives for Success (Y.E.S!), a subdivision of the non-profit charity Dress for Success (DFS). Join Star’s e-mail list, LinkedIN or Meetup, for upcoming speaking events.

    To book, Charell Star to speak at your next event, click here.

    • How to Create an Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Corporate Environment
    • Bootstrapping Basics and Ways to Generate Quick Cash
    • Making the Choice to Become an Entrepreneur & What to Do Next
    • How to Survive the First Year of Business and Come Out Ahead
    • Do-It-Yourself PR for Small Businesses
    • Starting a Business in a Challenging Environment
    • The Importance of Female Entrepreneurship
    • The ABCs of a Creating a Successful Networking Event
    • Leveraging Technology to Grow A Business
    • Inspiring and Leading a Winning Team
    • Why “Help” is the Most Important Word in Business

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