Bruce George

Visionary, entrepreneur, speaker, author, panelist, executive producer, writer, poet, consultant and social activist.

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Bruce was born and raised in New York City. He has written poetry/prose & articles for over 37 years. His work has been published in major magazines, anthologies, and literary publications. He has written testimonials from the likes of Essence Magazine, Emerge Magazine, Class Magazine, Harlem River Press etc… Bruce has won multiple poetry & talent contests. He has won several awards such as a “Peabody Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry (HBO)”, a “Miky Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry Jam

A huge “THANK YOU” to Bruce George for visiting the University of North Dakota campus. Multicultural Student Services appreciates him taking his time to engage any students who came to both his planned and impromptu discussions. I sincerely appreciated his flexibility and patience with students wanting to express themselves via spoken word. This gift among students is something that many on our campus have not been equipped to foster. Mr. George was able to arrive and engage for one day and leave a lasting impression that has turned into ongoing dialogue. His encouragement, tutelage of his audience was a pleasure to behold. Just having lunch with Mr. George was enough to ignite my spirit, activism, and creative thought. As an administrator, this is something that I often lose sight of amongst the dailies of my work. This was a great opportunity to get to know him, learn more about his life, and provided new insight into different situations.- Dr. Malika Carter, Director, Multicultural Student Service, U. of North Dakota

Hello Bruce!
We want to thank you sooo much for spending several days with youth from facilities around the State of Washington. It was an incredible opportunity for these young men to connect with a man who has journeyed down similar roads and found a new pathway of hope, power and service- exactly the kind of future we wish for them to see for themselves! Performance poetry is an awesome avenue for expressing the pain of what they’ve been through and the possibility of what they can be. You provided that opportunity, and we are in your debt! Keep spreading the word, my friend!

- Ted Ryle, LICSW, MSW, MA, Clinical Training Administrator, Juvenile Justice & Rehabilitation Administration, Washington State

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