Dr. Boyce Watkins

The People's Scholar who specializes in finance, education, and black social commentary.

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Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of the world’s leading financial scholars and social commentators. He advocates for education, economic empowerment and social justice and has changed the definition of what it means to be a Black scholar and leader in America and beyond.He is a Scholar, Author and one of the most highly sought after public figures in the country. He is one of the founding fathers of the field of Financial Activism – The objective of creating social change through the use of conscientious capitalism.In addition to publishi

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Dr. Watkins was a dynamic speaker, had a great rapport with those that he encountered at the event. He identified some of the barriers and obstacles facing African American families and provided solutions to address the issues. It was a delight to meet and have a discussion with Dr. Watkins. He comes across as a very genuine person and very much concerned about the plight of African American families and youth.- Michael Burns, Illinois Department of Children & Family Services African American Advisory Council

Those in attendance said he was awesome. I agree. It was a perfect message for the students. I especially like the way he discussed the need for them to take a closer look at what influences and messages they are hearing from some of their rap artists.

- Vernon Jones, Broward College

  • The Half Million Dollar Happy Meal - Learning how to save and invest to build the financial future you deserve

    • Financial Lovemaking: Merging assets with your partner in ways that feel good
    • Financial Liposuction: Cutting the fat out of your finances and building muscle for the future.
    • The Half Million Dollar Happy Meal: Learning how to save and invest to build the financial future you deserve.

  • • Quick and dirty secrets of college success: A professor tells it all
    • The Parental 411: What every parent should know about their child in college
    • The Five E Philosophy for Success

  • • Should college athletes be paid?
    • What does it REALLY take to fulfill Dr. King's Dream?
    • The three most critical issues for Black America today
    • Why True Diversity is painful but necessary
    • The Toxic Waste of Racism and how we can clean it up

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