Dr. Boyce Watkins
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    Dr. Boyce is one of the most highly sought after African-American scholars in the world. Specializing in financial psychology, educational motivation, and black social commentary, Dr. Watkins has presented his message to millions, making regular appearances on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC News, BET, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise Magazine and many more national media outlets. Brilliant, articulate, and practical, Dr. Watkins is a world-leading authority in Finance and Investing. In his fifth and most recent book, “Financial Lovemaking 101 – Merging assets with your partner in ways that feel good”, Dr. Watkins explains why millions of couples destroy their relationships with financially questionable choices. His test for FIV, the Financial Irresponsibility Virus, is one of many creative techniques used to get American couples to talk about money.
    Dr. Watkins’ research at Syracuse University is world renown and has been cited by a slew of national print media, including USA Today, Forbes Magazine, Essence Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. His research presence is global, with visiting scholar positions at the highly prestigious Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China, The Center for European Economic Research in Germany, and Carnegie Mellon University.
    Dr. Watkins has impeccable credentials to support his financial advice. In college, Dr. Watkins earned BA and BS degrees with a triple major in Finance, Economics, and Business Management. He was also selected by the Wall Street Journal as the Outstanding Graduating Senior in Finance. He then earned a Masters Degree in Mathematical Statistics and a Ph.D from the Ohio State University. During his year of graduation, he was the only African-American in the country to earn a PhD in Finance.
    Seriously committed to social justice, Dr. Watkins has been an outspoken critic of social and racial inequality. His fourth book, “What if George Bush were a Black Man?”, has been featured in the national media as one of the most riveting statements in modern social commentary. His commitment to inner-city youth is further shown in his role as National Director of the Step Up and Go to College Program. As a struggling high school student himself, Dr. Watkins formed this program to give students the motivation and tools to succeed at the college level.
    Dr. Watkins is redefining the role of the public scholar in American society. Known as “The People’s Scholar,” Dr. Watkins presents a mix of Financial Theory, social commentary, and down-to-earth socio-political thought that is essentially unprecedented within American Business Schools.

  • Financial Topics:
    Financial Lovemaking: Merging assets with your partner in ways that feel good
    Financial Liposuction: Cutting the fat out of your finances and building muscle for the future. 
    The Half Million Dollar Happy Meal: Learning how to save and invest to build the financial future you deserve.
    Quick and dirty secrets of college success: A professor tells it all
    The Parental 411: What every parent should know about their child in college
    The Five E Philosophy for Success
    Social Commentary:
    Should college athletes be paid?
    What does it REALLY take to fulfill Dr. King's Dream? 
    The three most critical issues for Black America today
    Why True Diversity is painful but necessary
    The Toxic Waste of Racism and how we can clean it up

  • Dr. Watkins was a dynamic speaker, had a great rapport with those that he encountered at the event. He identified some of the barriers and obstacles facing African American families and provided solutions to address the issues. It was a delight to meet and have a discussion with Dr. Watkins.
    He comes across as a very genuine person and very much concerned about the plight of African American families and youth.
    --- Michael Burns, Illinois Department of Children & Family Services African American Advisory Council

    Those in attendance said he was awesome. I agree. It was a perfect message for the students. I especially like the way he discussed the need for them to take a closer look at what influences and messages they are hearing from some of their rap artists.
    --- Vernon Jones, Broward College

    Simply the best! I want him back every year.He brought the house down.
    --- Corey Swinson - Bay Shore Union Free School District

    After submitting names of speakers I was interested in seeing availability for my event, I also inquired if there were other speakers that Great Black Speakers would recommend. Dr. Boyce Watkins was the speaker suggested.
    Dr. Watkins was very thought provoking, engaging and entertaining. I found him to be a very humble man that is concerned with the progression of people, but black people in particular. I would recommend him anyone looking for a dynamic speaker.
    --- Christopher Evans, Delta Theta Lambda Education Foundation, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

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