Ayinde Jean-Baptiste

Writer • Producer • Strategist • Son of the African Diaspora; reclaiming revolutionary black pasts toward revolutionary human futures.

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Ayinde is neither an entertainer nor the next ‘great black leader’. He is aSanba, a Kreyol appellation which encompasses poet/ griot/ keeper of memory/ servant of truth. Born in Brooklyn, on Umoja, the youngest child of a hard, demanding love, he was raised in Chicago and Evanston, IL as a member of a large extended family of blood and political relations, and as a master of ceremonies.He has shared his truth in hundreds of settings, including churches, schools, community centers, group homes, youth prisons, universities, conventions, conferences, the halls of g

  • Possible Topics

    • Politics & Justice
    • Negritude & Haitian Radical Tradition(s)
    • African Diasporic Philosophy
    • Black Solidarity

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