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One of the country’s most sought after Motivational Speakers and Success Coaches who inspires Millennials to achieve their dreams and advance to the next level in their lives and careers.

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The Man of Inspiration Dr. Moss inspires people to overcome past failures, current obstacles, and self-defeating beliefs through positive self-transformation. As a result of his remarkable success, influence, and ability to lead others to personal transformation, Dr. Moss has been dubbed as the “Man of Inspiration”.Speaker and InspirationDr. Moss is a nationally recognized resource in the fields of personal development, career development, and leadership. He has contributed to success and career development stories for media outl

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I would like to express sincere my gratitude for all the sound advice that you offered in your book, Learn How to Intern CEO Style. Reading your story and tips on finding an internship had really helped me land an internship in Washington D.C. Your story had really inspired me to become more proactive and ambitious with my internship search, so I thought I would share my story with you. COHA is an extremely competitive Washington D.C. based internship. I do believe that all your advice on searching for an internship had really helped me land a competitive internship in such a short period of time (it’s so surreal…I still can’t completely believe that it happened the way it did). I’ve learned that there’s certainly a craft behind securing an internship, so for that I would like to extend my gratitude. Again, I would like to say thank you for all the advice that you offered in your book and I hope you’ll be able to inspire more students, just as you had done with me.--- Rebbeca Tran, University of California, college student
  • Topics on Internships, High Performance, Success, Leadership, College Life, & Personal Development

    How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Overcome Crazy Obstacles in College

    How to Motivate Yourself & Maximize Your Performance in Today’s Challenging Workplace!

  • College Degree Isn’t Enough

    Intern CEO Style to Standout in Today’s Overcrowded Job Market!

  • Millennial

    3 Career Secrets That Will Boost Your Success While Waiting Your Turn

  • Leading From the Bottom

    5 Ways to Lead Like a BOSS as a Student

  • Mission Unstoppable

    3 Keys to Staying Engaged While Discovering Your Purpose, Passion, and Mission in Life

  • Rise to the Next Level in Life

    Be the C.E.O. of Your Dreams to Achieve Extraordinary Success & Happiness

  • Transform Your Mind

    How to Think Positive & Achieve Complete Happiness in Life!

  • For Leaders and Supervisors

    A Different Breed! How to Motivate Your Young Talent and Keep Them Happy in The Workplace!

  • Diversity

    Freshman Dorm Room 117: The Black, White, & Chinese Roommates....How They Clicked!

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