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Accessible and creative approach to lectures, workshops, and technical assistance delivered with insight and passion and coupled with a knowledge base that makes them relevant and withstanding.

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Anthony is sought out for interviews and advice. Featured in Ebony Magazine giving advice to brothers about recreating romance in their relationships. His insights are unique and he provides advice that empowers every individual to get everything one could want and need from any relationship, with a point of view that can't be found anywhere else.

With a background in psychology, human development and conflict resolution, he created a legacy as a performance poet, playwright, & author. Anthony has now taken a creative leap into the world of relationships w

Books and Products
  • Creating and Maintaining Passion in Relationships
    How to Organize Your Life to Make Room for a Relationship
    Why Successful Professional Women Have Problems Finding Relationships
    Interracial Dating: Effects on Family and Children
    Finding Your Passion in Life and Turning it into a Career
    Institutional and Inherited Racism: Truth and Consequences
    How to Reach Unreachable Children
    How Father's affect their Daughter's Future Happiness and Decisions
    The Art of Parenting in the 21st Century
    The Truth About Men and Commitment
    Self-Publishing: Ins and Outs
    Wielding Power On Campus: Being an African American Student
    Mental Health, At-Risk Children, and the Criminal Justice System

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