Anthony Frasier

Tech entrepreneur and personal development author.

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Like you, tech entrepreneur and personal development author Anthony Frasier has seen the word success explained many times through the years. Does it require a traditional education? Is it only reserved for those with money and connections? Is hard work necessary? Or, do people just get lucky? With well over a decade of experience in tech, media, speaking and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and students from underserved groups, he has developed a thoroughly different world view. Anthony shares with listeners and readers that success isn&rsquo

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Frasier speaks directly to a community that is largely excluded and not part of the process today, he serves as kind of a translator– Mitch Kapor, Well-known Investor & Founder of Lotus Development

Anthony brought a lot to the discussion and provided valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and insights about ways tech companies can successfully expand their diversity efforts. He is an excellent role model in how to reach a goal through persistence and commitment.

– Donald Payne, Jr., United States Congressman

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