Amber Saunders

Amber Saunders

The Entrepreneur's Advocate with experience in education, start-ups, and economic empowerment.

  • Amber Saunders

    Amber is positioning herself as an emerging leader in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. Amber graduated from John Marshall Law School, ready to devote her career to the practice of law, when she felt her calling elsewhere.

    Upon transitioning from the law, Amber launched Enrichment Prep, an educational services company whose mission is to engage in creating meaningful, sustainable, and affordable standardized test preparation programs for underserved high school students across the United States.

    In 2010, Amber was the recipient of the 100 Urban Entrepreneurs start-up grant, which included $10,000 in start-up funding for Enrichment Prep and 8 weeks of intensive business mentoring and training by the nation’s thought leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result of her passion for entrepreneurship, Amber became the Atlanta representative for 100 Urban Entrepreneurs and is assisting with the recruitment of other urban entrepreneurs in need of development and funding.

    Recently, Amber was awarded the honor of a Fellowship with the America's Leaders of Change Program, sponsored by Walmart, National Urban Fellows, and the University of Arkansas. In addition, Amber was awarded a seat in the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta VIP Program for non-profit boards. Amber currently serves on the board The Gifted Education Foundation and Synchronicity.

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