Alissa Jones

“Survivor with a Voice” helping survivors unlock their voice & heal the wounds that can't be seen.

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Alissa is an author, motivational speaker, executive director, woman of God the list goes on; but most of all she is a survivor. She is the Founder and Director of S.W.V., Survivors with Voices Foundation with a mission to help survivors embrace these seen and unseen scars, find a voice, and heal. S.W.V. provides a platform for those abused to commune, and an outlet in which their voices may be heard; through written and spoken communication. Alissa is the author of the Short Story “Uncle Roger” A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, that is in the compiled book

Books and Products
  • The Stones that Built Me Strong
    "Turn Hurtful Stones from Your Past Into Stepping Stones for Success"

    Stones can Build You Stronger not Bitter
    Understanding the Stones in Your life are there to Stregthen You not Destroy You

    Recovering from Sexual Abuse
    Learning to Forgiving Yourself, Forgive those Who were Suppose to Protect You and Forgive the Person Who harmed You

    Laying Stones on the Altar to Heal
    Letting Go of Hurtful Stones in your Life

    Removing the Bandage
    What it means to Heal Old Wounds

    Moving Forward in Life when Confined to Your Past
    How to not be Confined to Your Past

    Married for the Wrong Reasons-
    When you Marry for Other Reasons than Love

    Filling a Void in Life-
    Being Fatherless-Embracing GOD as Father

    Finding Yourself-
    There is Life after Divorce

    Loving thy Neighbor
    Dealing with Enemies-Keeping your friends close & your Enemies Closer

    Learning to Love Again after Being Broken
    Is it Possible? Learning to Trust Yourself to Trust Others

    Finding Forgiveness
    It's a Process but it can be done-Its for You not the Other Person

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