Healthy Haiku 4 Youth Promotes Change

This poem is a symbol of what Healthy Haiku is all about. Please read and share on your pages. We are grateful for your support and encouragement! Healthy Haiku Productions, LLC is truly dedicated to healthy and positive change for our youth!

Sunday Morning Sample Poetry from the Healthy Haiku Collection:


Of the heart, the mind
The openness to love
To challenges, risks, failures.

Of the opportunities
To learn and to experience life
Through another lens.

Of our attitudes about change
Stepping out of the box
That is just an illusion anyway!

Of our perceptions of time
Knowing that tomorrow is a
Day away from when we
Must start activating our dreams!

From being victimized
To Energized!
Ghetto-ized to Engrand-ized!

That makes us stop to breathe
And be the embodiment of God
That we were created to be
In the First place!

That makes us tap into our
Brilliance in a way that
That sends us whirling through space
Igniting new stars
And Geniuses along the way!

So powerful that it makes
Us realize that the place
That had us stuck no longer exists
And no longer has power over us.
So we are now freed up and fired up
in ways that only mirrors
The magnificence of our
Creation on this Earth!

Written and copyrighted by Dr. Imani Ma’at. If you would like to read more, please check out Healthy Haiku Poetry: Using Creative Expression to Transform Youth on this site, Amazon or at

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