Schools Provide Lifelong Opportunities

The other day I was flipping channels and started watching a movie titled In the Hive.  The movie was about disadvantaged at-risk youth; and the obstacles and challenges they overcame with the assistance of caring educators.  A number of our children have a desire and need to succeed, but due to the issues of life, some of them don’t make it.  For some, school is a safe haven and individuals that run the school are the only stable adults in their lives.  Schools play a pivotal role in the teaching and learning process.  Schools do more than provide an education, schools provide lifelong opportunities.

            Schools whether urban, suburban, or rural introduce children to what life can be and should be.  With a quality education, the likelihood of one living a life of substance is greater.  A quality education is a necessary tool and resource for productive citizenship of any nation.  According to the Pennsylvania’s Best Investment Report (2008) “research shows that individuals who graduate and have access to quality education throughout primary and secondary school are more likely to find gainful employment, have stable families and be active and productive citizens. They are also less likely to commit serious crimes, less likely to place high demands on the public health care system, and less likely to be enrolled in welfare assistance programs. A good education provides substantial benefits to individuals and, as individual benefits are aggregated throughout a community, creates broad social and economic benefits”. (p. 3)   As an educated citizen, you are afforded opportunities that those less fortunate can only dream of.

            Disadvantaged at-risk youth deserve a quality education.  In order for them to have a quality education America must stop making excuses as to why all schools are not properly funded, have highly qualified effective teachers, and resources and tools to educate our children (In essence when you educate the child you educate the parent).  When will we as a collective body come together, take a stand and demand that all of our children deserve the best.  For example, look at the number children being murdered in Chicago, senseless deaths and for what.  When you have been deprived of a quality education your mindset and thought process are not in alignment and the decisions you make are not the best.  The Essence of Education requires that we all do the right thing.  Our children are hurting, and if we don’t resolve this issue their future looks bleak. 

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