Black History Month: A Republican opportunity to connect with Black voters

Republicans are losing valuable opportunities while they travel across the country to connect with black churches, hang out at block party events, court local black Republicans and GOP clubs, and address urban town hall meetings. Black History Month is the time to invest in small, local black papers, to fill urban radio air time with ads, and do call-ins on local morning black radio stations to promote themselves. By creating their own cheerleading squads and not being afraid of black people, they might learn that we are not all fans of the Black Caucus.

The GOP candidates should man-up and be risk takers. Over the years they’ve hired young college undergraduates, mostly white and middle class, to work as staffers who hold positions of authority. They oversee the smaller cities’ “meet and greet“ events, but they have little to no life experience to the urban communities. Having too many of them is costly and a bad strategic move for Republican candidates.

Candidates, stop living in fear that you will be called “racist,” for most black people have already concluded that you are one. Many black people feel you do not care for them, you only want to tax them and help the rich. They have been brainwashed by social programs and liberals like Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel for over 40 years.

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